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Email Marketing Service for Email Newsletters and Surveys
 self-service email campaign solution Internet Mail Manager is the self-service email marketing solution you need to build your opt-in mailing lists, publish your online newsletters and send email campaigns, right from your browser.
send email marketing newsletters
  • No technical expertise needed
  • No support costs
  • No set up costs
  •   Friendly and intelligent support staff to help you.
      Create professional web and email embedded surveys or polls quickly and easily.
      We have more features and flexibility than any other similar product.
      Compare our prices to any of our competitors... you'll find that we are tough to match!
      Pay only for the email you send out. Pay nothing for production, list management, live tracking or data storage. Cost per email: .2 cents to 1 cent or $2 to $10 per thousand.
      We specialize in email newsletters, email promotions, survey/polls, and HTML ezine publishing.
      You can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes. Once you register your account will automatically be set up and ready to send email.
      If your need your email template to be professionally designed, we would be glad to provide our creative services.
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    b2c customer communication tool

    Email Marketing Made Easy
      Its very easy import contacts from Outlook, Act, Goldmine, etc, or add subscribers with custom data.
      Add or remove subscribers and purge duplicate addresses automatically
      Create your custom sign up form to collect information from people who visit your site. Gather demographics, interests, and other data from your subscribers.
      Create virtually any HTML email easily using our web-based software. You don't need FrontPage or Dreamweaver (But if you do, that's fine too). We have the most powerful web-based HTML editor available.
      Measure self-service email results immediately in real time with our reports, right in your browser.
      We have better tracking and more reporting than our competitors - guaranteed.
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    You can be up & running in as 30 minutes !

    This is not a spamming service. Mail Manager is intended for companies or organizations to communicate, in a personalized way, with their customers or to prospective new customers via appropriate and legal methods. Here is a detailed explaination of email/smtp terms. More information can be found on our resources page.